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Morgans with toning from staples.....

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My Dad and I bought some morgans when i was a kid and my dad put them in 2x2's. That was in the 1960's. He recently passed and I acquired them. They have gotten toning on them where the staples were. Will this make them "details" coins if I try to slab them? Heres some pics..

Thanks for the thoughts!!





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Similar tarnish can occur anyplace there is a break or gap in Mylar on a 2x2 coin holder.

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I do not think that NGC would automatically consider these as environmentally damaged, but it is a possibility most likely on the 1896.   The issue I see with these spots is that they have a negative impact on the eye appeal of the coins.   In addition, as @Fenntucky Mike noted the coins seem to have little or no luster in the photos, if that is the case in hand these may not be the best candidates for grading and slabbing.   These are all common dates and from the photos in AU or low MS condition and worth less than $100 each, after the costs to ship and grade these you would likely gain very little value over their value as raw coins.   And if any came back AU50 or lower they would be worth less than the cost of the plastic, not every old coin is worth slabbing.

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