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At the show in Dalton I ran into a dealer I love to see. He will show up to a show with 10-20 coins, but they will be breathtaking. Most are usually 6 figure coins. One of the goodies he let me drool over was this Peace Dollar. I am by no means a Peace dollar specialist, but this is one I wasn’t aware of. Excuse my crappy cell phone pics. Clearly he didn’t want to let me bring it home and photograph it properly 😂

@RWB I take it this VAM is for coins struck with Satin Proof dies, but as a business strike. How do they know? My assumption is die markers tell the story but I haven’t read about this yet. It was interesting. 




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Nice coin. A bit above average is detail, although evident weakness at bust, hair, rays, etc. Grade's about right.

This die pair must have been among the best, toughest, they made for the first day's production. It lasted through several medal press impressions, plus a bunch of circulation strikes in a toggle press. (PS: "Satin" in the term for a medal press struck coin from new dies; no luster, satin-like surface. "Sandblast" refers to literally sandblasting a satin proof to give it a duller, more medallic appearance. Sandblasting also suppresses detail, so they will not appear as sharp as a satin proof.)

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