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Did you know this? Regarding receded edges.
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RWB, you are exempt from answering 


Did you know that dimes have 118 reeding ridges? The Quarter has 119


btw, you most likely know that the 2021/22 ASE coins have a missing reed as an anti counterfeiting measure. BUT DID YOU KNOW THE POSITION OF THAT MISSING RIDGE VARIES?

it is under the 2 on one “w” coin and under the 0 on some wondering if the missing reed placement is random or does it vary by mint? The example of the US mint 2022 silver eagle proof seems to show the missing reeded edge under the Sun.. 

Hoping  someone knows.


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Per Coin World

In addition to the design changes, the new coins have an added anti-counterfeiting security device. On the American Eagle 1-ounce gold and 1-ounce silver coins, a notch appears on the edge at the 6 o’clock position, interrupting the reeding, as an anti-counterfeiting device. Now I’m a little confused three different pictures of 2021 W Type 2 with a slight variation in placement of the missing ridge. Hmmm






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The numbers of reeds on our coins has varied over the years. One of my first published articles was a study of the reed counts for silver Roosevelt Dimes. There were two different ones for several dates.

The reed count is also a good way to determine the genuineness of a coin which is suspected of having been altered. For example, Carson City dimes have fewer and broader reeds than those of its cousins, and this will give away an added CC mintmark.

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See From Mine to Mint for explanations about how the reeding was made. (PS: No, reeds were not made individually by Keebler cookie elves during their lunch break...)

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On 2/25/2022 at 4:22 PM, Mr.Bill347 said:

Just bought the book Roger, helping you recover from flood damage!


Hope you enjoy it. It's designed as a roughly chronological resource, not a long narrative, so just use the CD to find subjects or phrases, and have fun with it. The 2nd volume won;t be out for quite a while.

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