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My Progress On My Early To Mid 3rd Century Roman Silver Type Set
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I imagine that these two are still on your want list:

Gordian I and Gordian II 

These two emperors were in office for about two weeks. Their elevation was approved by the Roman Senate when the Senate was looking to oust Maximinus Thrax. Gordian I, the father was about 80 years old. He wanted his son Gordian II to rule with him.

Although they were governors of their Roman territories, they did not have a professional army to support them. Maximinus had a supporter in the area who did. Gordian II pulled together a rag-tag force of palace guards and volunteers to oppose him. The results were predictable. Gordian II and his men were slaughtered. When Gordian I heard that his son was dead, he committed suicide. 


Gordian I Africa DE All.jpg

Gordian II Africanus All Light.jpg

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Yes but not looking forward to shelling out $2,000 to $5,000 for a AU / MS example 😢. So for now, 1 Antoninianus & Denarius from an emperor from each year from 200 to 250 AD for my type set. 

still need most of the empresses and a few easy ones like Gord III Antoninianus & Caracalla + Geta, & Macrinus MS denarii.

I already have an AU Geta quinarius for the cherry on top 😀

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