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Mr. Lahti,

Your text in the first post, "20 rolls. The most nuts, crazy can hold," is obtuse and discourages anyone from bothering to respond. If you will write your questions or comments in direct plain English sentences, you have a much better chance someone responding.

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I wouldn't waste my time with this guy.  He won't listen to you.  Coinbuf had this to say about Lahti in one of his other threads:


I would suggest you, and everyone for that matter, not waste your time on this nonsense, here is a quote from Fred Weinberg on the very same seven thread that he posted on the PCGS forum the same time he was busy spamming this forum.

"I spent a good amount of time, years ago, trying to explain to Mr. Lahti that
what he kept on emailing me was just numismatic pareidolia, and
also metal flow, contact marks, toning, etc. etc. etc., and that he was not
finding anything of any even minor significance.

He never once thought that maybe he was 'looking to hard' finding
his strange anomalies. He's a believer in what he sees on his coins.

His six (6) posts here, since he became a member, illustrate why,
finally, I had to just ignore him and delete his emails to me without
reading or responding to them - about 4-5 years ago.

He is not interested in what anyone else says about his 'discoveries/research'."

This guy is only interested in spamming this and other forums with his visions.

He appears to be a complete, obnoxious, oblivious troll.  Hopefully he goes away soon.  He's extremely annoying.

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Staying focused on how resolve works together, a little of how this started, seeing as they were very private US Mint executions. 

The only area of the rusty die left is on Lincolns shirt of the 1958 cent which are all the pictures above, except the 1926. 

A die crack runs above VDB.





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