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Happy Monday

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Yeah, a long shot is what I chase. Your right. It's been a long shot. An errant image removed, doubled by it still remaining in the field. And that recorded style of impression of the coin from that hubbing.

...but single squeeze hubbing trials began in October 1985.

Single squeeze, serif doubling on the main legend half of the removed N serif.

I B,M, doubling in the center leaning towards the flat America.

A more shallow impression America leads to quicker DDD.

But there is no longer a seam for metal pushed around legends in DDD in the single squeeze Era. Where would a seam of second impression come from?

Working dies have witnessed the flat America on 1985 dies. Master Dies had yet to be incorporated by single squeeze hubbing.

A tilt did not allow a full impression. It only recorded what position the alignment was in.


Screenshot_20220124-162055_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-161959_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-162005_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-162026_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-162029_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-162039_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

Screenshot_20220124-162034_Yahoo Mail~2.jpg

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On 1/24/2022 at 9:36 PM, Hoghead515 said:

This reminds me of one of our friends. Polish_20220124_213537728.jpg.9c97f15853c9ff57defe03f2e77c5a34.jpg

Yes indeedy........Ratzie, is that you?  Have you changed your name to Robert?

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