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monster new trade dollar important infor. out of old book at least for me...lol.

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when i read this based on my experiences i think it is true


i think trades are extremely undervalued coins monster sleepers


there is a bookcalled "" coins in chinas history "" a really grewat book one of the greatest books on chinese old ancient coins kind of like the sheldon book for early large cents


this china coin book was written by arthur b. coole an englishman first edition 1937 i haved an original copy in my............ LI-bARY....................lol


he was an american who started collecting chhinese coinge in 19o5? he was at the time the treasurer of the tientsan won academy and headof the commercial dept


here is a quote from him in his book all first hand inflrmation!!




lots more information but i just cant typeit allout here but here are the more interesting parts to mee!!!


the congress of the usa passed an act in 1873 to have special silver dollars coined for use in the far east


well too long to type here are excerps of the more exciting infor to mee


these became known as american trade dollars and because of their silver content being 3/4 of a grain more than the mexican dollar they immediately became popular in indo china, hong kong the straits settlements and the important ports of china for a period they began to threaten the mexican dollar on the market but due to two main causes they WENT OUT OF EXISTance


the first was the value of silver changed in relation to the american giold dollar and made these coins worth more then the actual paper and silver dollars used in the homeland hence they began to be returned to the states aloth they were not reconized as legal tender in the usa they had the words united states of america printed on them and so they were passed and accepted in common use


THE FACT THAT the stANDARD american dollAR WAS GUARANTEED TO BE OF PAR VALUE WITH THE GOLD DOLLAR by the govt of the usa but intrinsically it was worth less than the trade dollar issued by the same govt from the same mints thnis anomaly was stopped by a decree of the treasury deptwhich ordered the mints to stop making the trade dollar the trade dollars in circulation ib the home land were redeemed at par for a period of 6 months in order to retract them and remint them into the standard dollar


the second reasdon for disapperaance in the far east was that due to their silver content beding greater

than those of other coins the silversmiths melted themand used them in their manufactures


over 28 million trade dollars of the 36 million minted were never returned tothe usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they disappeared frojm the market


lots more infor but too much to type for me this is really interesting and for me relaable infor!


hope you trade dollar fanatics oliked this!


also heere is the top undervalued traxe in gem minstate ms grade an original 1874 traDE undipped and white thick skinned ms 64 pcgs and a really nice 64 1874 uis a monster underval;ued sleeper date!


sincerely michael


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