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Ancient coin#2
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This one may be to bad shape to identify. One side is really bad. I would love to know what that wheel is on it if anyone knows. Also what country and time period it was from. Once I find the basics Im gonna search and see what people used them and other history of that time. The weight is 2.180 grams and with right at 10mm. Lumii_20220115_224324853.thumb.jpg.899c8c2c4a6a6a6859abccec32056a3a.jpgLumii_20220115_224223198.thumb.png.c19016392cd058dab9ec3f39a771e7e2.png

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I don't find that wheel reverse in Greek coinage, which same I did not expect to find. More likely it is south-central Asian, but I don't know the age or precise region, so that would mean an exhausting slog through zeno.ru. I think it's older than 1600 CE. As you've noted, the obverse is sufficiently mucked up that identification based on that side is problematic. I'd go looking for that wheel, which remains nicely defined. The dot circle around it is fairly common in south central Asian coinage, especially Afghan and Persian. It's not Kushan, if that helps at all.

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