Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954 completion requirements
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Can someone explain to me why no one's "Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954" collection is at 100% complete?

The title of the category is: "Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954, Complete Set (144 Pcs)."

Lots of folks have all 144 Pcs, which is commonly known in the numismatic community as being "complete," but the NGC Registry tags these 144-piece sets as only 98% complete.

When you check for slots that are not filled on the 98% complete sets, the only slots that appear as unfilled are for the four pieces listed as "non-competitive, display-only" (i.e., Columbian Proofs and Norse medals).

It appears as though the NGC Registry is requiring at least one "non-competitive, display-only" coin/medal in order to be considered as a 100% Complete set of 1892-1954 Silver Commemoratives. :/

What's up with that? (shrug)

I also noticed that the other TPG registry just requires the standard 144 coins to be a 100% complete set of 1892-1954 Silver Commemorative coins. :whistle:


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