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Satin Sets vs. Business Strikes

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The question was raised before, "Will we now have the option to collect both classifications of MS coinage?" The Mint has already indicated that general circulation coinage in bags and rolls will not have the satin finish. I am curious to know if there will be a special designation for each classification. Will the TPG's have a special designation on their holders to distinguish between the two? How will the companies making the albums address this issue?


It seems obvious that they could not use the acronym, SMS , because that designation refers to the Special Mint Set. It would seem too confusing to use a designation like SSMS, Special Satin Mint Set. Imagine, if you will, if the SF Mint were to produce a satin-finished set. I can see the U.S. Mint's advertising for this new realease:


"The U.S. Mint announces the release of the 2005S Silver Special Satin Mint Sets!" Try saying that 10x real fast!


Pretend for a moment that you are monitoring a call between a customer and a Mint employee:


Employee: Okay, you want six San Francisco Special Satin Mint Sets.

Customer: No! How many times do I have to repeat it? I want six San Francisco Silver Special Satin Mint Sets!


I can just imagine all of the hair on the floor at both ends of the line.


At the same time, I can picture a multi-coin holder with the following information on it: "2005S SSSMS".


Suggestions, anyone?



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I'll supply the glasses and you supply the booze. Let's see how long it takes us and our CS buddies to use all of the ice.



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I don't see any problem calling them SMS at all, in the same vein as the SMS coins of the 60's...not in terms of the specific method of production, but in the sense that they're a specially prepared mint product for collectors, to be differentiated from regular business strikes. I think they're a "special mint set" in every way, and SMS is fine by me.




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