2020 D Roosevelt Dime Double DIY?
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True doubled dies have specific characteristics.  You can find them here



There are also many, many coins with mechanical doubling or die deterioration, that are NOT true doubling, are not considered errors, and add no premium.  


Learning the differences will save you a lot of time and frustration, since you'll likely come across dozens and dozens (or more) of the worthless doubling before you find anything that was struck with a die that was doubled.  It takes time to learn this stuff, but there are no shortcuts that I know.

Another good site


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Your dime has severe die erosion, this happens when the die is used past its useable life.   That makes the letters fatter, more mushy and in general a poorly defined look, this is common on todays coinage as the mint over uses the dies to save money.   It is not an error nor is it a doubled die coin and has no value over the face value of $.10, if you doubt this you certainly can spend the $50 to send this in to find out what we have said is true.

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Welcome to the Forum @Debwitt! We are here to help you to the best of our abilities.  I assure there are numerous members here that are extremely knowledgeable in just about every area and field of numismatics, both domestic and foreign coinage.  There is no shortage of helpful insight you will gain from participating here on the forum.  We urge our members to use the links we supply in which to better arm yourself with knowledge so that in time you will become a very educated collector.  @Oldhoopster supplied some good links for your reference in which to study and learn from.   Here are some other very good informative websites (sorry if I reiterated some of these links) that we frequently use to verify if what we find is, or is not, an error or variety.  Good luck and hope this helps!




doubleddie.com   (Lots of good history and information on this website about the minting process and how doubled dies happen in the first place)

error-ref.com  (GREAT website but can be a bit difficult to navigate when new to collecting unless you know the proper numismatic terminology associated with what you are looking for. But, at the same time, this will also help you learn the proper terms for any given error or variety)

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