2022 Silver Eagles Price
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On 12/12/2021 at 4:14 PM, Hoghead515 said:

@James ZyskowskiGotta watch this onry guy here to. He tries to get in my fish tank. Here bout a month ago he fell through the lid. He went completely under the water. He freaked out and ran thru the house soaking wet making a mess. Polish_20211212_160911324.thumb.jpg.d41af7c4552ea93cd691388c01ee925d.jpg

Oh no Hog!!! That's just crazy.....that had to be quite the situation and quite the mess!! I've never had that one happen but when I was a kid, my sister's cat managed to do something similar with my turtle Lenny's terrarium.  Lenny hated that particular feline and took his opportunity to take a chomp out of him!! Now, THAT was a mess......pissed off turtle, howling, running cat with a bleeding paw.....but I'll say this.....that cat NEVER got on top of an aquarium or terrarium again in his entire life!!  And Lenny, well, he actually seemed rather satisfied with himself.....I think he'd been waiting for his chance to bite that cat for a few years at that point.  This was a fun story to tell the vet when we took the cat to see if he needed anything for the paw.  The vet seemed somewhat amused because the story was so crazy.  He'd never had to treat a cat with a turtle bite from it falling through the screen of a terrarium before.  The funny thing is Lenny actually likes most cats....it was just that one particular cat that p*ssed him off for some reason.

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On 12/7/2021 at 3:42 PM, VKurtB said:

Yes, this is normal markup for a “monetary mess” year, in which inflation is built into expectations. There have been this type of year before. 2011 comes to mind. People got scared into ridiculous markups then and it is happening again. Will every year be like this? No. But there is also the “in a hurry” premium being applied now. By about April, that’ll be long gone.

The premiums in 2011 were when the price was soaring to $50/oz.  These premiums initially were when Covid was thought to impact supply availability even with silver not rising much in price.

These premiums have persisted much longer than I would have expected.  The silver price should have risen up to the adjusted price OR the premium faded if the silver price remained about the same (which it has been).



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