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I’ve been trying to figure out what the obverse legend is and for the life of me even with my zoomed loupes I can’t seem to make out who this coin is attributed to.. is there anybody that may know or will help identifying? Thanks in advance this is probably really obvious and i’m just a numb skull



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Thanks to your fine photo, I used google photo search and found this information.

as to wha it means?.. Mohawk probably knows. Maybe he’ll react here.





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Looks Like Maximianus

After a recent move, all my references are boxed waiting for me to find a place to set up the library.  Thank goodness for

RIC vol V 621

Antioch mint

Maximianus AE Antoninianus. Antioch mint, ca 293 AD. IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, radiate cuirassed bust right / CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to Maximianus, H between. Mintmark XXI. Cohen 54.


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