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Splatter with Tensor vs OTT

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It was almost 11 months ago that I did the lighting study for photographing Splatter (or The Dancing Poodle). In the passing time, it was submitted to NGC and returned BB for environmental damage. I'm not sure if the "damage" had anything to do with it but the old dog ain't what she used to be. Here is the in-hand pic from 11 months ago to refresh your eyes.



Instead of doing the same with the OTT as I did with the Tensor back then, I decided to simply put up 5 pictures of each with the same camera settings, same coin position and angle. The differences were the distance the light was from the coin---first pics are closest and last pics are farthest. The Tensor lighting is on the left and the comparable pic with the OTT bulb on the right.








The first thing most of you will notice is the difference from 11 months ago to now. Like I said, she's lost quite a bit of the brightness to the colors and not as vivid with them anymore.


Aside from that, I tried to get the lights for each shot at as close to the same height as I could. I did have to make minor adjustments to the white balance for the OTT as my camera didn't "like" the amount of light it was reading from it.


The Tensor disperses the light over a larger area then does the OTT which is more of a spot lamp. I mention this because shadowing in the left side of the coin is more pronounced with the Tensor then the OTT but may simply have been me, not paying attention to where I was holding the light in favor of getting the white balance correct. But one can clearly see various differences between the two as a whole. I see the OTT blanding the colors, especially in the last one. The Tensor found more gold/yellow with brighter reds, blues and the green thru AMERICA.


I really didn't take my time to make this as an accurate a comparison as I should have, and know where "mistakes" where made. I will do another with more detail and better descriptions with camera settings shortly. Truth be told, I almost didn't want to put this thread up as I've left out quite a bit and did it in such a rush.


As for which is better at portraying the coin in-hand, I still have to go with the Tensor. Under ordinary house or room lighting, the coin looks most like the third OTT pic on the right and maybe with even less color definition. But under a halogen bulb table lamp, the fourth Tensor pic seems comparable. Speaking of the halogen, I will include this also in the next phase and use a different subject. I'm also considering doing the exact same study with slabs---PCGS vs NGC. Clarity, color, definition AND still get the luster to show will be the theme then. Getting the color and luster in the same pic has always been a problem for most coin pictures (including mine!) whether raw or slabbed.

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Nice comparisons David. Thanks for taking the time!




I agree,two very interesting and educational threads thumbsup2.gif


Do you want me to resurect this one in a year or two?






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