1992 D LMC CAM?'s

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On 11/8/2021 at 12:02 PM, SlickCoins said:

Well yeah if we just went cents,,, l lol would be making cents per hour.

Everything is chance, just like playing the lottery.

Yeah as it stands right now, I'm down roughly $1400 total cash spent give or take,,, and all I've got to show is a possible lightly cleaned 1834 Half Dime LM3 variety which Mr Lange identified for me/us, ty kind sir

Yeah it's a gamble, just like going to the casino in a way or at least the winning part,,, this one rocks I've got tangible stuff :) after all is said and done.

Also thanks to you guys,,I kinda retired the coin roll hunting for now.

Anyways great stuff, also yes Keith I agree :)

Thanks all

If and when you start looking again here a good article to read. It explains the other identifying markers for Wide AM’s and Close AM’s.https://www.lincolncentcollection.com/closeamwideam.php

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On 11/8/2021 at 6:50 AM, Keith Dee said:

And I don’t know why others on here feel the need to correct someone’s wording when they know exactly what the other person is talking about like really

@J P Mashoke was not correcting you nor, to my knowledge, have I ever seen this good man try to correct anyone.  J P was simply making a statement, in his own kind very explanatory words, which makes 100% absolute sense. I too frequently call CLose AM's  "CLAMS".  This is due to the letters CAM also, and more often, having the very well known meaning of designating a CAMEO type coin.  There are tens of thousands more Cameo coins out there than there are 1992 and 1992-D Close AM varieties.  I think it is a good thing that J P pointed this out.  Regardless, and with all due respect Keith, of what you may have in mind and mean to convey in words when compiling a post, answer or comment, it is always a good idea to use proper numismatic terminology (I'm not saying that CAM is not accepted for a Close AM designation but can be confusing to less educated collectors) so that the other newcomers to this great hobby do not become confused.  Just MHO here.

J P's comment and post earlier on this thread regarding my explanation above:   

On 11/8/2021 at 6:12 AM, J P Mashoke said:

Oh and I call Wide AM's ( Wam's ) and Close AM's ( Clam"s )  a  ( CAM ) to me is a Cameo Coin  


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