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I find these coins with different things engraved that makes me wonder who why and where all the time. Like this 1987 P nickel with NRA stamped in it. Must of been a gun lover lol. The quarter with BROWN EGGS🤔 Really loves brown eggs. But why a 5 on a 1944 wheatie? Sure would be nice to find anyone that did one of these and get the story. Is it something they did as an experiment to see if it would end up back in there hands? Was it a coin special to them because it scratched a winning lottery ticket? We may never know😂




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There are all kinds of different stamped coins out there.  Some people collect them even though it damages the coin and any value they may have had. Most of them ive seen has been on coins that were not worth anything to begin with. We may never know why people do it. Some are pretty neat though. Ive ran across a couple stamped coins. I put them in my collection even tho they are damaged and worthless. 

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