Possible 1949 D over S
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This is just another nickel I’ve found within the past several months since I started coin roll hunting. I believe it to be a D over S. I’ve checked out the Wexlers Die Variety listings thanks to the user on here who referred me to that site by the way. I believe the user name was “Oldhoopster” sorry if that’s wrong but thanks anyway lol. It’s been a big help. Except maybe on this one. It doesn’t show pictures of the “die marker” for this particular nickel for some reason. They were a big help in me identifying my 1942 DOHD. From what I can tell so far from the description is very little, The lettering in United is a bit close to the rim for me to be able to see if there are die scratch’s under them. I do see some from the last S in STATES to the O in OF but without pictures it’s hard to tell because this die scratch is at an angle from the top curve of the lower S section to the bottom of the O. I guess I would like to know is if anyone knows of another website or listing I can check or are they all pretty much the same in identifying markers? It’s definitely a mint mark over a mint mark and could even just be one of the 7 D over D. I just don’t see any of the identifying markings for any of those and they all have pictures to go by. Once again pictures aren’t the best but from what I can see is there’s a little more filling going on in the middle of the D mint mark which leads me to believe is part of the S. Probably just crud or something ding it on the inside edge but if anyone has a little more insight or another listing of things to look for it would be much appreciated.





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I couldn't say based on those pictures, D/D, maybe. (shrug) Definitely took a few hits and the MM has shifted/been flattened, condition may not allow for a positive ID. 





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I am always looking at MM on Nickels it is one of my favorite coins. But sometimes they are just to worn out to see what they may have been. Not to say it is not worth checking them out on the web sites .I always do but if there is no listing chances are it never was. Here is one I just found this morning and I have never seen a D like this one. It is on a 1947 there is a listing but no D that looks like this one. It looks to have a bit of Die deterioration due to a Die Clash. I think it has just seen to much action although the coin is a nice book coin. Oh and by the way Keith welcome to the forum and keep up the good hunt I love some of the stuff you have been posting (thumbsu 




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