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I don't usually Roll Hunt but last week I picked up a few rolls of Lincoln's from my bank and pulled this little Gem. It's strange because it's listed on all the major sites as well as in the Cherry Pickers Guide, but each description is slightly different from the next as far as the Markers and exactly what is Doubled. Mine has all the Markers listed on each site as well as even the black specks mentioned in CPG and with mine  every single Obverse Device is Doubled. I'm pretty stoked about finding it and in my opinion is an amazing example of the FS-01-1984-102(038) or WDDO-005 or CC 1984P-1DO-002.


Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting to all! -Karen

PS: Says all my shots of the Markers are too large. Sorry about that. I'll try to add them to the comments.










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On 11/4/2021 at 6:36 AM, J P Mashoke said:

Nice, Lots of Die scratches on that one O.o

Reverse die clash. That is supposed to be a remnant between columns 4 and 5, but, if it is, one of the dies had to have rotated. 

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