1966 Lincoln Cent

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Considering the weakness of the strike on WE TRUST and some other weaknesses on the rev, I would say probably not, or if it is it is a low end  quality one.  And if it is a low end quality one there is no way to really tell if it is an SMS or a business strike once it is removed from the SMS holder.

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On 11/3/2021 at 12:24 PM, SlickCoins said:

Oh sweet thanks :)

Yeah I was wondering that, just seemed strange the only 1966 this shiny gold no where close to the 74 of course but I mean condition new type shine.

Thanks again all :)

It happens more than many believe. I have 12 rolls of BU 1966 cents.  Depending on how I demise, what do you think will become of mine? The roll collecting craze generation is dying off quickly. Their common rolls end up in commerce.

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