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2010 Sacagawea dollar coin,1964 dime, 2011 D dime

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WFound this 1964 dime in my cash register my boss keeps telling me it looks like proof coin how shiny it is.And on the Dollar coin on the reverse side  where it the initials are messed up plus i feel its double stamped how detailed the baby and lady are even the reverse side.on the 2011 its seem like the B is double in "E Pluribus unum" and intials JS between the S and U 










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On 9/23/2021 at 5:13 AM, Greenstang said:


Please start a new post for every coin. It gets confusing when there is more than one coin on a post.

Allow me to amplify the logic behind this, about which Stang is quite correct. I get that it feels like spamming to post, say, five different threads about five different coins. I understand that people are just trying to avoid that. The problem with combining is that, if the discussion continues and grows, people stop being specific about which coin, because the two or three people involved know which one they mean. Everyone else will have to scroll up and figure that out. I for one won't. That means you get less input, and the input you get is less likely to be germane. One thread per coin resolves that issue.

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In looking at what you have, only the 1964 dime is anything special and that's only because it's 90% silver.  All of the other coins are perfectly normal circulation coins that are worth face value.

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