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Good afternoon, everyone - let's do some Auction Leftovers.

(I have to pay for Halloween candy somehow...)

Here's the deal: I had an auction that ended last weekend. Not everything sold. I'm now offering the "leftovers" here - no buyer's premium, no extra fees. Just the price of the coins and shipping costs.

Auction Leftovers (page on my website with a current list of available Leftover items - valid until this Friday)

Auction Link (it's over, just use this link for reference photos)


Special 1: FREE shipping for any order over $100, OR buy any 20 lots and your order ships FREE.

Special 2: Any item that was $1 is now 50 cents.

Special 3: EVERY ORDER placed gets a free 1927-dated world coin from my collection.

Special 4: There is NO Special #4.

Special 5: Buy ALL the bulk world coins and I'll only charge you $8/lb plus FREE shipping.

Feel free to make reasonable offers on the graded coins.

Payment: PayPal only. I do not have Venmo/Zello/Bitcoin or any other form of digital payment at this time. If you choose to use PPFF, please make sure to send me your shipping address here as it won't automatically load with your payment, and NO NOTES (thank you.)

Shipping: I will charge you what it costs me for the USPS label rounded up to the nearest dollar. For First Class (under 1 pound in weight) that is usually $6 (USPS raised their prices), for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box it will be $10. NOTE: These prices are for Continental US shipping only - if you live outside the continental US, shipping will be more expensive. I am still happy to do it under the same rules as above, but just keep in mind it's going to cost more.

I will get you a tracking number right after payment is received and will get your package scanned into the USPS system within 24 hours of receipt of payment (as long as the post office is still open, so if you pay Saturday night, I'll get it shipped first thing Monday morning.) I will offer "Risky Shipping" (via stamped greeting card) at my discretion for $1 - for single, small coins ONLY. I can do "International Risky Shipping" via stamped greeting card - at my discretion - for $2.

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