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1903 s $10 gold and 1913 $2.50 gold
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OK, My Neighbor came over today with a shoe box of old coins, She says her dad must of saved them and she just found them. It had a lot of wheat cents, Mercury dimes, Morgan dollars, all of them in well circulated. I told her they were worth melt not much more. There we these two gold coin, I don't collect gold, bot I know some people here do. So please tell me are these worth much or just melt? I did the best I could at getting clear pics, and both sides , so people would not yell at me. I did look them up in the red book too.

Darleen 1.JPG

Darleen 2.JPG

Darleen 3.JPG

Darleen 4.JPG

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They look close to MS  from your pictures real nice not melt . Gold is something she should have a pro look at . I try to only buy graded Gold. I have one 2 1/2 I bought in a flip from a reputable dealer but that is still a risky thing.

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I have a 1912 G$2½ Indian AU58 and it's current "value" per NGC is $515 and melt @ Melt Value: $221.28 (9/4/2021). Her coin looks to appear a grade or 2 better than mine judging from the "slightly fuzzy" images. Definitely not a melt.  Once you hit the MDS62 grade and up the value increases quite a bit. The 1911's are the highest value in this date range.

The 1903 I can only refer you to Coin Explorer here.

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From these photos I would grade the 1903-S as XF and the 1913 as AU58.    Neither coin is really valuable enough to need to be certified but having them certified would make them more liquid when selling to collectors or on some auction sites as gold coins are often counterfeited.

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Any way you can get pictures of the Indian without the glare? The wear, if present, will show up in these areas first. Can you get them clear in a pic? I can’t see if there is a little wear or not. There may be a little in the middle of the headband but MS coins have flatness in that area as well. Would love to see lower on the headband. 

The 1903, as coinbuf said, is probably XF. Pretty much anything below MS on that one is worth melt. It’s fairly common and the base gold has such a high value  


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