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Another counterfeit. This time prepared.
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Ok forum friends, by now you know that I’ve taken an interest in acquiring and exposing Chinese coin fakes. I found another one except this time was prepared for it. I’ve attached the ad where I purchased a STRANGE looking 2021 ASE. Paid $32.95 for it, but not to worry..please read on.I knew it was a fake because no 2021 Eagle ever looked like this! In fact, they copied the 2021 GOLD EAGLE!

once received, I checked it out. 
weight .5 oz. haha 

diameter 32.8 mm

thickness 2.2 mm

non magnetic 

I reported it to our local Secret Service  office, then documented everything for PayPal, explaining that this company was using their payment service to sell illegal counterfeit coins. They issued me a prompt 100% refund.

So, if you see an ad for a silver eagle that has the uncanny resemblance of a Gold Eagle. It’s fake!

at no cost to me they thought they were cheating me. Last laugh 😂 

The problem is the US Secret Service has no jurisdiction in the matter. They suggested I don’t do that anymore!

Kinda like the guy who went to the doctor stating “it hurts when I do this “ to which the doctor says. “Well, then stop doing THAT!

have a great day my friends CB1335D9-937A-4BAD-B7B8-D044CA276D14.thumb.jpeg.17ffdfb507e7900f4fd9ebff4bde571c.jpeg 











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That's spectacular!!! That is definitely in the top five of the worst counterfeits I've ever seen.  It's not as bad as the 2009 dated U.S. Trade Dollar I saw, but it's not much better than that, either.

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Yep 👍 I am officially out of the counterfeit buying business. There is sadly nothing that anyone can or is willing to do about it, since I contacted the secret service, the US mint and the USPS international fraud division. And the internet crimes web site.
its always buyer beware. The last two coins I bought, I knew that they were fake and have stored them labeled as such. They will never be sold and will always stay in my family.

Yet they continue to make millions doing this. I understand that the Chinese crime rings are behind it all.

I posted these things because there are a lot of unsuspecting folks out there that may fall for something that is Always too good to be true and always is an obvious fake. They might as well engrave “sucker” on the reverse. It was an interesting experiment. But I’ll gladly stick to the real thing as this beauty I received today.



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