Counterfeit Latvian 2 Santimi 1937 coins in NGC slabs
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A few NGC slabbed fake coins:
NGC MS63BN № 3352292-010
NGC MS61BN № 3212458-001
NGC MS62BN № 5775215-023
You can recognize this fake by a small stripe on a leaf under the coat of arms. It is also easy to detect by checking the weight of a coin. Original coins usually have a weight = 1.98 - 2.01 g. Fake coins can be 1.90 - 2.60 g. Usually, all these fakes have BN color and not very high grades.

There is a very good article exist about these coins and possible fakes (Russian Language)

This coin has a limited mintage (44600 pcs) because of mistake. Planchets was 19 mm instead 19.5 mm


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