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1946 'S' penny

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Hello all,

I'm not, for the most part, a collector of US coins, although I do keep interesting US coins I find while coin roll hunting up here in Canada. I recently found a 1946 's' penny with a curiosity. My scanner is down, but I will try to describe it while waiting for a new scanner to arrive. The closest thing I have been able to find is something called a 'ghost error.'  I don't know if that is areal thing or not, but essentially on the reverse of the coin, there appears to be a relief, or 'bust' shape, on the coin following the same lines as Lincoln on the obverse, but it is raised and sort of wavy. Is this common? Does anyone get the gist of what I'm describing without scans?

Thanks in advance, 


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What you describe sounds like Indirect Die Transfer or “ghosting”. Not really common but I have seen it on Lincoln’s.

You will find it quite often on early UK King Edward pennies.

Supply a photo when you get your scanner so that it can be verified.

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My wife, the resident photographer, attempted to capture it with her cell phone:







Notice in pic two how the top of the head starts in the wheat stems and goes through the N in United and the O of Of on the one side and IC in America and AT in States. Then the C in Cent and O in One to the rim and on the other side the T in Cent and E in One to the rim on the other. It is raised all around the border of the 'ghost bust' and is very pronounced in hand although the photos do not do it justice. What is it?

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2 hours ago, Oldhoopster said:

Here is a good explanation 


Interesting minor error


Excellent reference. Thank you. Very interesting. Does this do anything for me value wise?

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This was common in the Standing Liberty quarter series.It was noted by engraver Sinnock who said Liberty's head and torso "showed through 'spongily' on coin reverse."

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