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1919 Doubled Die Obverse information

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Thanks to member StrikeOutXXX for his informative update of the thread "1919 Mercury Dime - CONFIRMED: DDO Discovery Piece (Census in 1st post)." I certainly hope this makes it into a more stable, accessible format for future reference.

URL:  https://forums.collectors.com/discussion/937347/1919-mercury-dime-confirmed-ddo-discovery-piece-census-in-1st-post

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At one point in the first year or so, I updated a thread in 4 of the bigger coin forums.  Today, mostly the post ATS you linked.

When this started, I figured after a few years, there would be hundreds of them known, and keeping a census wouldn't be possible as they would be popping up too frequently.  At just over 6 years now, my census has 34 unique examples, with a likely 35th new to the pop reports I need to chase down details on.  So far, the sales are spread out enough that I can keep up on sales history too with frequent searching, and a lot of help/messages from other forum members.

I thought about doing a downloadable PDF with pictures of all the coins (I have pics of 33 of the 34) and history and such and update that or at one point was going to register 1919DDODIME.com but again... I figured after a year or two, it would be so big it would be impossible to keep up with.

Fast forward 6 years and it could have been done in hindsight, just never did.  Hopefully the Cherrypicker's Guide comes out this year with it featured (June 15th 2021 according to Amazon) and that will jump-start the searching and finding enough where keeping a census is somewhat impractical.  Time will tell.

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Maybe Whitman would print a bunch of your detailed list and stuff them in the CPG....?

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