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Fake US Grant star coin?

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering everyones thoughts on this coin. Do you believe this to be a real star coin? When looking at the star, it doesn't appear that there is any displaced material around the star and it seems to be relatively cetered on the N and not too close to the A, but there doesn't appear to be a lot of coloring or brown spots in the coin like I normally see with these Grant coins. I don't have access to the coin so I can't really get any other details about the coin.



US Grant 1922 Star (1).jpg

US Grant 1922 Star (2).jpg.jpg

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It does appear genuine, the star is in the right location and there does appear to be no displacement.

My question would be why is a high value coin with a mintage of only around 4,250 not been certified.

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That's what made me question is it real or not. You would think that they would have submitted it for certification by now, but it does look real from everything that I can see and can tell. 


From what I am told though, it came from the collection of their grandfather so it wasn't even a thought really to have it graded as they were just trying to get rid of the pieces of the collection.

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