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New to coin collection

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1 hour ago, Pursediva said:

My great grandfather gave me his coin collection. There are many uncirculated Morgan Stanley 1887 NES From what I read on nes it doesn’t sound reliable. Any ideas for me. Thank you 

Well, first, there's no Stanley involved; that would refer to a sleazebag investment firm. There were Morgan dollars minted in 1887. Not sure what is meant by NES, but I assume it's a grading service of the type I call JGS--Joe's Grading Service. In other words, they are to coin grading as Jiffy Lube is to auto mechanics. Why don't you make a list of what you have, roughly by type at first, so we can see the scope of this and make recommendations from there. So for example, you might write "40 Morgan dollars 1878-1899, 2 Mercury dimes, 45 Buffalo nickels, two half dollars 1815 and 1829," and suchlike.

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2 minutes ago, Pursediva said:

Thank you. I will. 

Once we have that, we can give you an idea of what deserves the most attention, either from a value standpoint or a collectability standpoint, depending on what you plan to do with them. If you would like to become a collector, for example, and use this as a starter collection, that indicates different handling than if you just plan to liquidate it. We always want to be sensitive about that because so often the introductory post is a secondary consequence of bereavement; other times not, and in any case there is often understandable personal attachment.

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11 hours ago, Pursediva said:




You got some cool looking stuff . It looks like leaving the coins in the flips toned them out a lot.

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It looks like you have some basic coins that are interesting, but not necessarily rare.  I would recommend buying a copy of "A Guide Book of United States Coins".  It's published yearly by Whitman.  The prices may not truly reflect what you can get if you sell them to a dealer, but it will give you a good indication which ones are common and which ones may have additional collector value.  It also has some basic grading info, mintages, silver content, and interesting historical information.

The book is only $10-15.  You can use it to sort out which ones are worth melt value, which are better dates, and which ones are common.  That should narrow down the number of coins that may be worth posting for more info.

Hope this helps

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