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1871 gold fractional
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I've had this for a few months now and just had a chance to get it out and look better at it.   A 1871 round Liberty G25C BG-813 and like me it's seen better days but I wanted to have at least one and for a affordable price.

When I look at it's size, thickness and condition it makes me wonder what the heck they were thinking when they came up with these. I could easily bend this with my fingernail if I chose too. Knowing the clothing material was much thicker I imagine these were kept in a coin bag of sorts and kept in ones pocket. In this day and age I'd have these darn things bouncing around in my washer/dryer not knowing they were in my pockets...LOL
If I pursue these I may have to invest in a microscope for better viewing. There is a substantial amount of dates and varieties involved with these and collecting all I believe would a daunting endeavor.   
They do have a bit of History in coinage and California gold which can be read here at NGC Coin Explorer.
...anywho...a 1871 Fractional for your viewing.




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I have often wondered just how many of those were misplaced due to their tiny size. I realize it was a substantial sum back then, and would have been carefully handled, but still, it had to be easy to lose them.

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Maybe that's why the floorboards back in the day had gaps in them, to act as a coin/gold collector. hm   Silly notion but you'd have to wonder how many may have dropped through the floorboards though. Time to get the metal detector out and visit a few old ghost towns.
I had considered slabbing it mainly for the reason of it getting potentially dropped in the future or how easily it could be further damaged. It would look so tiny in a slab ... hahaha

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