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Mods, you can pull this down. Was just having fun. Didn't mean to plug up the works.
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Just now, LOCK34 said:

Heck of a coincidence!!! I just found it back to back in a roll next to a 2020W🤷‍♂️


Nope, that's not it. And i don't look for anything newer than '64 in dimes and quarters, and '45 in nickels. Thanks for stopping by and trying. 

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6 hours ago, GoldFinger1969 said:

Not sure what the OP Title is about or this thread....but it doesn't bother me...and since this thread is a bit "weird" anyways....let me ask this question:

Has the NEWBIE section here suddenly had an influx of new posters and new threads after lying dormant for a long time or am I just noticing it ?  Seems like alot of new threads, back-and-forths, low-$$$ collecting coin threads, etc.

Glad to see it, don't get me wrong.  Just wondering if it just came out of nowhere the last few weeks or so.


No, that's OK, you can pull it down, please. Thank you. 

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7 hours ago, VKurtB said:

Is Waldo on one of them?


No, standard U.S. coins only. I find many many foreign coins, as well, but no Waldo, unless someone painted him on. 

Foreign are too easy to spot though. That's why i never include them in the picture searches. 

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7 hours ago, Modwriter said:

The OP's picture acitvates my organizational OCD. 

You wouldn't do well at my job then. I'd prefer more time to sort and count, but the coins come in in sealed plastic tubs, and need to be speed sported and counted. Not much time to look for W quarters. Silver sticks out ok, with the right lighting, so I'm able to find, here and there, but there's zero time for looking at the edge, unless I'm pretty sure it's silver, before i pick it up. 

For every quarter i find, i miss one. For every dime i find, i miss three. For every nickel i find, i miss three. 

Estimates, of course. 

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