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Not an Error Question-Just Showing Off
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Good evening all. So I am going through some Coins this day to find the ones that need sent to Wexler and Ribar for Attribution of their Doubled Dies, and which I'd like to send in for Grading if I were a member at NGC (you know, cause some company thought it an abfab idea to send me a credit card, so I am flush this week) and thought I'd share this one in particular with you.  There is no Error that I can see. Just a good looking Wheat Cent, imo, that I thought might be appreciated by you all. 

While not a Key for the series, not all valuable Coins are Keys at all. I've included a screenshot from our nemesis' CoinFacts App showing the graded approximate value of a 1929 RED LWC. I think mine would be included within the given range of grades. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? Don't be shy, please.


Oh joy. They are making me do it one at a time.










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By the way, sorry I haven't been around much. Karen's world has been in an uproar for about a year and I have had to spend most of my time preparing my most treasured possessions for sale and am now starting to to come out the other side of all that. So I haven't been sorting any change or getting anything new that warranted my presence here. I have been here a few times just so I could smile at you guys whenever I needed it most. Thanks for being there. Whether you knew it or not.

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Hello Karen, you have a very nice Lincoln, however I do not think it would grade as high as you are thinking.   Where the coin exhibits the purple color on both the obverse and reverse look to be points of rub or friction to me.  I would grade your coin AU58, also I think those colors would preclude a RD designation RB is much more likely.   Here is my MS67, notice that my example does not have any of the purple color just a slight mellowing of the mint red in the fields..

Edited to add:  As a RB you would need to have it grade as MS65RB to have any chance to break even on the grading fees, and even if I'm too harsh on the grade at AU I don't see it reaching over MS64.



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