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35 minutes ago, karl novak said:

Just wondering why if a set is complete and has the same number of coins/grades/points as the #1 set, it can be ranked lower? Can't sets be tied for first?


Thanks for your interest. Please click below: 


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Okay, but this doesn't explain how my set is ranked #2 when it has all the criteria  met that the number one set has, except the signatures on my inserts are in much less numbers. Am I missing something here?  Thanks!  (This is in the 1 ounce palladium eagles 2017 to present.) 

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Hey Karl,

I looked at your set.  The reason your are #2 with the same points as #1 is simple: you are behind in the tertiary criteria.

  • 1st criteria: points
  • 2nd criteria: % of coins with photos
  • 3rd criteria: % of coins with comments


Put some remarks on your coins and you will get boosted to #1.

Out of all that are #1: order is first come, first on the list

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