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1967 no mint Quarter grade? Or value?

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There are no mint marks on any 1967 quarters. None at all have them, regardless where they were struck. Same with 1965 and 1966. The grade of that coin is B,U, which stands for Blecch, Ugh.

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Welcome to the forum.

To elaborate a bit:

In the early 1960s, the country was experiencing a shortage of small change, and the government, looking for someone to blame, decided that coin collectors were the culprit. They came up with the idea that if they did not put mint marks on the coins, it would discourage collectors from pulling coins from circulation. So, they passed an act to mint all coins with no mint mark, which lasted for three yeas. They also increased the number of coins minted each year. Your quarter, for example, was one of over 1.5 Billion quarters minted with the 1967 date. The total number of quarters dated either 1965, 66, or 67 was over 4 billion. That is why they can still be found, with some frequency, in circulation today - over 50 years later.

As for the grade of your coin, you could probably squeak a Very Good out of it, but it is still only worth 25 cents.

Now, if you don't mind, I have a serious question for you. (And this question is asked without any hint of implication, accusation, or preconception. I just really am curious).

What was your reason for putting all of those tags in the title?

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