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Question about appearance after graded coin

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I have purchased various silver eagles this year in NGC slabs. One however I bought directly from the US Mint, and sent in for grading. It was the WWII 75th anniversary silver eagle. Looks great, but when looking at the pictures I took of it I really noticed specs of dust or other “debris”. The coin came back a 70, so I wouldn’t imagine these specs are on the coin itself, just wondering do they make any attempt to remove dust particles etc? Is this just normal? Also, some coins I have purchased have been slightly off center in the slab, mostly noticeable on Eagle side of the coin. Because of this, I put a note in the text box asking to please make an effort to mount the coin centered, but it was not. Just wondering if this is just how things usually are. NGC verification number is 5919873-001 if you want to view the photos they took for the registry, the files were to big so I could only upload 1 photo. Any feedback is appreciated.


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All normal, nothing to worry about. 

Most if not all of the particles are probably on the exterior of the holder and NGC does make an effort to align the coin in the holder properly. Nobody's perfect, I'd be happy.

About 3:40 he grabs an air gun and blows out the holder. This is an old video so I don't know if they still do it this way and I'm assuming that the compressed air is clean, dry and filtered. 


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