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Can an Ohio coin dealer bring down the Ohio state government?

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Ohio is such a critical state to national politics, so you know the democratic sharks smell blood and are circling. If it is concluded that Mr Noe converted some of the States coin fund money for private use and if this enabled him to make those generous donations to candidates, it could spell trouble. Contrary to some responses in the other threads, I don't think this will get squashed. It is too much of an opportunity for the Dems to pounce on.

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this was purposely done by the


there is a missing link we will never know about


this was done by the to forse an issue to get the govt involved in coins and regulating it like stocks hence generating more income for the state and federal govt


the democarts may circle and RIGHTLY SO but it is the are the ones controlling the strings


and all this explodes like a giant puss filled impacted wihte head zit right when more revence is needed to pay for the billion dollar war started by ..... and also in a key state


wonders and considences never cease



but again i am most probably wrong so please ignore the above


but make no mistake about it this will cause revenue generation for the state and federal govt that will be the end result for all of this 27_laughing.giftongue.gif

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