3 Morgan Silver Dollars, 1880O, 1883, 1885O
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Hey All - trying to learn about a few Morgan Silver Dollars (1880O, 1883, 1885O) and a Peace Dollar (1924) that my grandfather had stashed away.  They aren't terribly "clean" looking and aren't uncirculated condition, and I'm struggling to know if they are worth getting graded.  Seeing that it's $22+ to grade a coin, im not sure it makes sense to grade a $30 coin, but if they could be worth more, then I would love to get them looked at and preserved.

I realize no one can give me an accurate price, but just trying to understand are they $30 condition or something higher? Ballpark.


I appreciate any advice!



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Welcome to the forum, those are not worth getting graded and slabbed from a pure monetary point of view, but might make sense to you if you want to keep these as family keepsakes.  However rather than spending that much on grading and slabbing fees I would suggest  some Air-Tite holders instead.  The site I have linked also has some other types of holders and presentation type holders also.

Cheaper alternative

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Nice, crusty family heirlooms. I like them.

Don't clean or try to improve them in any way. You will only lower any numismatic value they might have. I wouldn't worry about slabbing them, either. Put them in Airtites, and enjoy them the way they are. :)

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