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"Caciques de Venezuela" coin

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I have a gold "Caciques de Venezuela" coin given to me as a gift when leaving the employment of a company based in Venezuela where I was working in the summer of 1981. It weighs 7.80 grams and is 26.3 mm in diameter, 900 fine gold ("900 LEY" on reverse). It has never been worn as jewelry or circulated. It was bought new by my company at a jewelry store in Maturin, Venezuela, and I still have the box it came in.

This coin was one of a series of coins commemorating the indigenous Caciques (chieftains) of Venezuela in the 16th century (1501-1600) - "siglo XVI" as written on the reverse.  Several coins honoring various chieftains were minted, and each type came in various sizes.  The coin I have honors Terepaima, a chieftain of that era who died in the year 1568.

Apparently, some of these coins were minted in Caracas, and some in Switzerland.  I believe this to be the version that was minted in Switzerland, as I have seen this identical coin with a different reverse side, with that version having the inscription "ACUÑADA EN CARACAS" (coined in Caracas) on its reverse.  

So, my question is, would NGC grade this coin, or is this outside of the universe of coins they grade? Does anyone have an opinion regarding the marketability of this coin, outside of its melt value?


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Looks more like a medal than an NCLT coin.  No date or denomination that I can see though some NCLT might have neither.

If it is in a reference - somewhere - NGC would probably grade it.  It might help if you point them to it on the sub mission form.  As an example, both now apparently grade a fantasy crown I own.  It's the Queen Victoria retro dated 1879 with the three graces reverse.  NGC returned it ungraded about 14 years ago.

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Unless it appears in a later edition of Unusual Coins of the World (I have the 5th edition) it appears to be a fantasy striking of X# MB96 20 Bolivaros.  The obverse matches, but the reverse doesn't, and the weight and diameter is too large.  The weight should be 6.666 grams (book says they actually vary from 5.95 to 6 grams) and the diameter should be 21.2 mm.  I kind of doubt they will slab it.

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