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I know I’ve been through the ringer on DD’s but I think this may be the real deal. Can you please confirm. Sorry for two pics being upside down. Thank you. 






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9 hours ago, kbbpll said:

I think you're confusing raised metal on the tops of letters with actual doubling. Great images though.

Hello kbbpll and thank you. I was hesitant to even post this one as I have become somewhat more familiar (thankfully with your input as well as other valuable members on this forum) with the difference in a true doubled die vs. MD or DD doubling. What got me on this coin, predominantly, is the “crease” at the bottom of the U in TRUST as well as the robust letters on the obverse. The photo of the O in GOD could be better. The bottom of the O is thick and, what I thought was doubled on this letter, is actually rounded and does not resemble MD or DD. I’ll keep on looking. Thanks! 👍

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3 hours ago, Greg Bradford said:

 What got me on this coin, predominantly, is the “crease” at the bottom of the U in TRUST...

Notice how the highest (off the surface of the coin) part of the letter is more narrow than the parts of the letter without a "crease?" It is also more narrow than the surrounding letters. That is almost always a sign of damage - either strike damage or post-mint damage. On a die hubbed by the double-squeeze method, the second squeeze will normally be the deepest one - which translates to the highest raised off the surface of the coin. It will nearly always be as wide or wider than a normal letter. That is why many doubled die coins are described as showing "extra thickness" on some letters or other parts of the design. (Of course, if that wider letter has suffered damage after minting, it may not be as easy to see.)

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Hello Just Bob. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you very much for your response. I value you and everyone’s extremely professional input on my post/threads. I can totally relate to, and understand, what you have explained. Thank you very much. 

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