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Unseen Errors!?............

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Any help with these more maybe errors from my Grand Dad I’ve done countless hours research an found basically nothing any knowledge would be greatly appreciated thank you! 
1st penny not here atm to wiegh 2nd penny is 3.2g dime is 2.0g nickel is 3.7g












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Thanks allot greenstang I’m not sure what ya meant by the reverse of the nickel I’ll upload again obverse/reverse an as I was going through some more of my coins from ol grand dad I found these any idea on these? It’s 2 quarters that weight 5.7 then I’m assuming a nickel it weighs 5.0?!! I appreciate ya 


Lmao!! RWB apparently he went back to your house where he obviously belongs! I JUST gained an hesitance in coins don’t know to much so Uhhhhhh yea UNSEEN rabbit cause I SURE TF don’t see nor know the knowledge  behind them YET have a great night Mr Sir Rabbit “R”WB!!! Baahaa!!!!! 







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From the pictures, it is hard to tell what coin is what, but the flat ones look like they were placed on a rail road track and run over by the train.

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Lmao!! Justbob I said the same damn thang!! Appreciate ya lol you’ll probably see a few post from on here I got a bag of a 1,000 US/world coins paper mints types a bag of pennies from 1909-2020 it’s going to be awhile lol

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Worked on the RR for half a century, that's exactly what they are. Sometimes I'd put a 50 cent piece on rail first, stacked with a quarter, then nickel, penny, and dime. Then push them snug up to the engine wheel and a rock in front of them so they wouldn't tumble, then slowly roll over them about a foot, flip them over, back up about a foot. Never did get the results I wanted, just tossed them into the brush. It was fun tossing them to someone else for them to look at, because the temperature of the glob was in the 170 range.  :)

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I’m not sure what ya meant by the reverse of the nickel

Typo on my part. Meant to say we need to see the OBVERSE of the nickel. We have to see both sides to determine if it is a MAD or off centre strike.

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5 hours ago, Dustin Maples said:

It don’t have one

You mean that the obverse (front) of the coin is one of those images with the circular marks? If so, I'm afraid it's been subjected to severe PMD and of no value. Shame, as that one might actually have been a true error worth a little bit.

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The severely flattened one is a 2002 Ohio State Quarter.  You can make out the IO, part of the Wright flyer, and BIRTHPLACE OF AVIATION.

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