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On 10/1/2021 at 9:53 AM, AdamFox said:

A Good Man Is Hard to Find Analysis: Essay Sample & Summary

The paper discusses the story of "A Good Man is Hard to Find." The paper provides an analysis of the story and then provides a summary.

The paper starts by providing an analysis for the short story. The author talks about how the short story is about a family vacation gone wrong because the grandmother doesn't want to go to Florida. Instead, she wants them to go on another route. She believes that fate will lead them where they need to be if they follow it. This leads them into trouble after they run out of gas in Georgia and are forced into stopping at a diner in Alabama where all hell breaks loose.


In this section, we will explore the old adage "A good man is hard to find." We will look at the way it's been used historically, and how it continues to be used today.

This phrase has become a popular saying that can be traced back to a play written by Irish American writer Flannery O'Connor. In the play, a wise character by the name of Mrs. Turpin says that a man is hard to find, but her friend Mrs. Shortley would disagree with that sentiment because she wouldn't marry any of them if they were free!

This saying has also been used in different contexts. For example, in 1967 Disney released their animated movie "The Jungle Book" which features Baloo singing "Bare Necessities" with his jungle friends.


This story is about a woman who talks to three different men and she has the same conversation with all of them. The first man is a salesman who tells how he was raised on comic books and his father hit him, the second man is a doctor who talks about what it’s like to work in medicine, and the third man is an escaped convict. It isn’t until the last one that she falls in love with him because he tells her about his troubled past and how he ended up where he was.

The woman in this story realizes that what she wanted in a man was someone who would be open with her about his feelings, whether good or bad, and that what she wanted in a partner wasn't just someone to take care of her, but someone who would take care of her.

Literary Analysis

The story is about a man who murders his wife, and then goes on the road to find himself. He meets many women, but he is only interested in the ones that will help him kill his wife. This paper will explore how this reflects on masculinity in society today.

This literary analysis will explore how men are portrayed in society through the use of this short story in which they are often violent and possessive towards women.


Selfishness is the trait of being only interested in oneself. There are many reasons for people to be selfish, but it is never healthy for a person or group. This essay will look at how the Southern townspeople are portrayed as being selfish, and how this can have negative effects on their relationships with one another.

Selfishness is depicted through the actions of all the people in The Misfit's family. The Misfit's mother was so absorbed in her own grief over not being able to have children anymore that she didn't notice the harm she was inflicting on her husband and son. His father began an affair because his wife wouldn't pay him any attention anymore. Even his brother, Braken, went behind his back to steal money from him.


In the story, a good man is hard to find, the author illustrates the isolation of individuals in society by portraying each character as being completely independent from one another.

The author uses five characters in the story to represent different aspects of individuality. They are an elderly grandmother, a young girl from Atlanta, a young boy with a BB gun, a salesman named Red Sammons and a "negro" woman who is looking for her son.


Flannery O'Connor presents irony and cruelty in her short story "A Good Man Is Hard to Find". The grandmother, mother and children represent innocence and get tortured throughout the story. The father is also a representation of good but he gets killed by the Misfit.

And this has exactly what to do with coins?

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On 10/1/2021 at 10:54 PM, Just Bob said:

Sure. Why not?



basketball player dunks himself funny.gif

Dang Bob.....my breaching shark would do better at dunking than that guy, even on dry land!! Talk about an epic fail!!

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On 10/2/2021 at 8:49 AM, Fenntucky Mike said:

Bring it on! You can't beat fireworks?



I think the shark would have done better than him, too..........I'm starting to think that we're getting to a point where we need to declare the shark the winner and send it a nice plaque, a certified coin with a special label and a $500 grading credit.

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I think that elephant needs a new human as well.....it clearly has its human significantly out-brained.  Even the guy who succeeded has to have a death wish to attempt that.

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