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2008-W Gold Coins & Coin Set - to grade or not

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Hi everyone!

I've got the following coins/coin sets and all are currently in OGP. My first intuition was to sell them as OGP but it seems like every one I see for sale is being sold graded.

I ask you experts - should I get these graded or sell in OGP?

2008 US Mint American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Four-Coin Set (Item Z8E)

2008-W $50 American Buffalo 1 oz Gold Uncirculated Coin (Item BV8)

2011 US Mint American Eagle 1 oz Uncirculated Coin (Item 1P3) 

Value opinions for re-sale would be welcomed as well. Much appreciated!







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Really it comes down to the market you want to sell to and prices.  Originally these were bought and graded for a few reasons; the owners liked the safety and security of the slab, hoping for an MS70 either for a personal registry set or to sell to a registry collector around the time of release.  Now the registry collector market has been mostly satisfied and with the price of gold up even MS70's aren't selling for much over melt prices.  If I were considering selling I wouldn't bother with the grading costs and sell as is.


The one thing you do gain by having them graded and slabbed is if you plan to use a platform like Ebay, buyers may feel more secure that they are as advertised and not a fake.  That security may help you to sell them faster especially if your not an Ebay seller with lots of sales/feedback.

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