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Just got these in the mail and haven't had time to research them yet but here you go anyway. I don't necessarily collect masonic pennies and tokens but one can't help but end up with a few when collecting tokens. I'm not convinced that this one isn't an irish token as opposed to being from the IoM.



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On 8/16/2022 at 8:06 AM, Just Bob said:

I like that one. Now I am going to have to try to put together a complete set.

Including varieties? lol

I believe there are two different DWL wooden nickels. :baiting:

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MWL [Mutual Welfare League] circa 1914-1915.

Obverse: n.d. SING SING PRISON "ONE" cent , earned thru prison labor which may be exchanged for items available at an on-site commissary [bracketed by two stars]  Reverse:  M W L (inside a circle  [bracketed by stars,] with the slogan, DO  GOOD (on top) and MAKE. GOOD (on bottom).  For obvious reasons, they are rairly seen, scarce, and few coin-collectors ever heard of them.  They join two similar coins, a 5 and 10 which may be found a year ago of more on this thread.  They were withdrwn from use by or before 1920, having also been tried in Auburn State Prison, New York's oldest, built to accommodate both men and women, before a dedicated prison was built for them at Wesfield State Farm, predecessor to Bedford Hills State Prison, re-named Bedford Correctional Facility, as were all state prisons in the wake of the Attica State Prison riot in 1971.


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