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First gold piece. Grade expectations? 1873 open 3. pics

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Hello everyone hopefully the pictures are ok . the color didnt translate well.

been researching however just don have the experience yet.

any ballpark area this may hit if i send it in for a grading?

thank you!.







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59 minutes ago, Greenstang said:

We are going to need to see a complete picture of both sides before it can be graded.

You can't t grade a coin from partial pictures.

very good of course!.  not the greatest full pictures just added hopefully the give some insight. thank you.

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Cool coin I'm no coin grader but have had hundreds of these imo if you have it graded you will cut your profit margin these are the grades and commons that move with the price of gold 

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Really? Im reading into this as not common at all. Please school me if i need to be. 

David Akers (1975/88): Many collectors regard this date as fairly common because of the relatively high mintage and the low value put on it in the standard price guides. The 1873 Open 3 is not at all common, however, and is decidedly rare in AU or uncirculated condition. Most known specimens are only VF or EF. Overall, the 1873 Open 3 is slightly more rare than the 1873 Closed 3 and both are very underrated.”





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Closed 3 is Rarer by 25 coins  but still over 100k minted of each the price of gold exceeds the value of the coin unless you have a high grade coin 





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