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Grading an 1893 Barber in poor condition?

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I'm fairly new to evaluating coins and have just started to have NGC grade my coins.   Mostly Morgans, and uncirculated coins.

I purchased 1893 and 1899 25c Barber in a PrAg state and not sure if having them graded would be worth it.   I paid $17 total for both coins.

The details of the the eagle, shield, and lady liberty are worn smooth, but the outline is clearly stated.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated.




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To answer your question: It would not be worth the cost of having them graded, in my opinion. I would enjoy them raw.

Nice coins.

Welcome to the forum.

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PO-1 is a very low grade; you wouldn't give it to anything except a coin a dog wouldn't want to collect. So is FA-2 (the dog might settle for this). AG-3 is not exactly wondrous (the dog would be ecstatic and attempt to coat you with salivas), but describes the majority of very heavily worn coins. G-4 typically describes a coin worn flat enough that few fine details remain, but the devices are completely outlined. My snap grade of these would be G-4 for both; if I saw anything that looked to rise to VG-8, I'd look to see if all the criteria were met.

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2 hours ago, Conder101 said:

Not low enough grade to be worth slabbing.  If they really were poor-1's then they might have been.

I know this is true, but I'll never understand why.

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