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Massachusetts Coin

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I have the attached coin from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dated 1788. The condition is probably a G-4.


I have found a little bit of reference material on the web about the mint from the state of Massachusetts, but nothing on the value of the coin.


Does anyone have an idea of the value of this coin? Who collects these?


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i love the massachusettes copper the first american coin to carry the demonination cent and half cent


fantastic and a totally undervalued series


two coins where made in 1787 and 1788 the half cent and cent!


yours is a beautiful example!!!!!


here is a web site detailing as such your coin!!




AN even better site








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now i am guessing here as i am just a beginning novice in these types of coins but based on your scan and sight seen might be different


i love the overall look of your coin it has great!! eye appeal and it a nice light brown coloration and it is just a coin with honest wear and no problems i love it thumbsup2.gif


i grade it choice planchet and grade it close to very good


myself if it is not ONE OF THE RARE DIE VARITIES it is worth $200-$250 range


if it turns out to be a rarity 6 or 7 coin or a new die variety discovery coin then into the high 4 to 5 figure range maybe more 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


a fantastic historical coin with many firsts for usa coinage


but again lets assume confused.gif it is just a nice mass 1788 cent that is an average rarity 2 variety then the range i suggested above $200-250



any more questions please feel free to ask me!!


i love it!!

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Of course michael was just joking about being a rookie. This man knows his coins and is very well-rounded (both literally and figuratively grin.gif).


His specialty is high grade moderns, however, but he does know a thing or two about other series. foreheadslap.gif


P.S. Michael, he showed you his now show yours. thumbsup2.gif

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your welcome coppertop!! mass coppers are problematic as most all of the varities are really subtle to tell apart



oh and here is a photo of a true gem mass copper with an amazing planchet and totally oroginal reb brown surfaces and has never been dipped played with cleaned brushed or oiled 893whatthe.gif


no corrosion or planchet flaws 893applaud-thumb.gif


if this coin was a food it would be a pound of lightly salted butter from sainsbury's


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if this coin was a food it would be a pound of lightly salted butter from sainsbury's


Beautiful coin, Michael! Still a virgin after all these years? Wow!


Are you kidding? if it were food, it would be a ton of Pacific halibut cheek!



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This is a fabulous looking coin. Does not look messed with and has a nice even coloration. Good buy.

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