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1936 Buffalo nickel And Some Jefferson nickels 1944-1964
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Hello All sorry for the newb question if this is one. I am brand new to coin collecting and actually stumbled a crossed some Nickels. 

1936 Buffalo No mint

1944 P Wartime nickel ( which I believe is the coin listed in the title )

1945 P Wartime nickel

1946 S Nickel

And what I think is a1948 D nickel with a messed up 8 on the date but could easily be wrong being a newb collector.

1951 No Mint nickel

2 1955 D nickels. And could easily be wrong but the D's look different to me but once again super newb collector here

1958 No mint nickel

1959 D nickel

1960 D nickel

5 1964 D nickels think some of the mint marks  are different on couple of them also but could be wrong again lol.

And a old looking coin that looks like a roman coin but has HENRIIV on it and is double headed but looks to have different facial expressions on each side but I am not sure once again.

Sorry for such a long post and so many newbie questions. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

The following link is to the pictures of the coins 


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The HENRIIV coin doesn't look like any business strike of any nation. (For one thing, two-headed business strikes are very uncommon all the way back to ancient Greece.) I suspect it is a relatively modern token of some kind; doesn't have the look of a Nuremberg token. It appears plated with something, and the plating wearing off. In any case I wouldn't expect it to be a very valuable piece.

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