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1942 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS67 w/ unattributed DDR

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This afternoon, a local charity (Gateway Pet Guardians) had about $1,200 worth of donated pet food and supplies stolen from them: 
This is a place where my girlfriend and I have personally volunteered (going home covered in grime from handing bags and bags of dog and cat food - it's fun!), and I can personally vouch for their attitude and good intentions.
Now, I'm going to get to the coin-related section of this post, don't worry:
I have a cherrypicked PCGS MS67 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar with an an unattributed Doubled Die Reverse (closeups are provided in the listing, the variety is visible even in the PCGS TrueViews) on eBay right now as a BIN/BO. Population reports show ONE MS67+ (that just sold for $10,800 a month or so ago at Stacks.) and ONE MS67 at PCGS - meaning this coin is tied for second with one other coin. As far as this variety goes, you can't really get in better condition than mine - PLUS it has gorgeous color (unlike the other two - the MS67+ is, as expected, basically perfect and white; the MS67 has a dark splotch on the obverse IIRC.)
Now, I realize the potential buyer will need to send the coin off to PCGS to have the variety attributed, so I'm willing to account for that when an offer is made. I also realize that my coin isn't Top Pop, so it's not going to get the same 5-figure price tag as the MS67+. But it's still a great, high-grade, registry quality coin - with attractive color. You don't need to worry about the coin crossing - it's already in a Gold Shield slab, it's already got the True View images - just about $100 worth of grading fees and shipping costs and you have a gem variety in your collection. (Note: if the coin doesn't sell as is by the end of the month, I'm going to personally have the variety attributed.)
Here's the auction link (but seriously, if you want to make an offer, do it here and save me the 10% in fees):
All reasonable offers will be considered.
Now for the charitable bit - once this coin sells, I will donate $1,200 of the proceeds to GPG to cover the costs of the stolen items. I'll post the receipt here as proof (so no one thinks I'm trying to pull a fast one or will back out of the donation, because frankly that's more than my car is worth right now, and that's a lot of money to someone like me.) 
I'm sick of seeing bad things happen to good people and not being able to do much about it to help - so hopefully with this sale I'll have an opportunity to do some good and put my money where my ideals lie.
I'm not asking anyone to do anything but check out the listing, and if that coin fits in your collection and budget, make an offer. If you know someone who rolls in that sort of crowd, please pass the word along. 
If you don't need/want/agree with the idea, that's fine. Just let it go and move on.  I'm not doing this for attention or kudos or whatever.
Finally, thank you, and have a wonderful evening from a Navy vet trying to do something useful.

1942 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS67 DDR (PCGS TrueView).JPG

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