1981 Penny Mint Error or Damaged?

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I have a 1981 Penny that has teeny holes throughout the entire penny on both sides. It also has what looks like errors in the words as if it rubbed on something before the words were set in.  See pictures. At first I thought it was a damaged coin from perhaps a disposable sink, but then saw the errors in the lettering. There are multiple, but am showing closeups of Liberty and One.  Would welcome feedback.  Thanks in advance.





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Just a badly damaged coin, not errors. Looks like it has been sitting on the road and been run over a few times. AKA road rash

Remember, it's only an error if it happens during the actual striking of the coin. Anything that happens after that is considered damage. There are a limited number of things that can cause an error but there are countless things that can cause damage.

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