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Coins found

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Im inserting two pictures one of a 1983 d small date penny the other a 1964d nickel.What I want to know if its worth me taking them in

to be weight or are they just common coins not worth my time. As you cane tell the nickel has a different color to it. Look on different web site but they seem to tell you nothing


20190731_195905 (2).jpg




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Welcome to the Forum-

First off all, there are no Small Date/Large date 1983 cents, they are all the same. You can weigh it if you want on the rare chance it is copper but the chances are pretty slim.

The Nickel unless it is in MS condition, ( can't tell from the blurry pictures) isn't worth too much. Different colour is probably from toning.

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True there isn't a "small date" for 1983, but the font is the same as the "small date" font used in 1982.

From the bulge at the lower right portion of the D mintmark, I would say that zinc rot has started to set in which would eliminate th possibility that it could be a copper cent.  Sorry to say neither of these coins would command a premium.

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