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2019 W 1C Lincoln Penny

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First off Carl, hello and welcome to our little forum here!

Well, I did some eBay research for you and I didn't see any of those going for $200 aside from one, though some PF 70's are bringing high prices.  In PF 69, they're pulling between $12 and $22.  In PF 70, I saw one sell for $155, but about $90 seemed more typical based on my eBay Completed Listings research.  The one that went for over $200 was a PF 70 in an NGC holder with the label signed by Lyndall Bass, who designed the Shield Cent.  The other high priced ones mostly seem to be in PF 70 holders with signed labels.  I'm guessing that the really high priced ones have more to do with the signed labels than the actual coin.  You should be able to buy one of these for $20, easily.  As for other sellers off of eBay, well, many dealers can be overpriced on things.  Look at Littleton Coin Company.  I'd bet that they are selling these for $200.

I hope that helps some!


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13 minutes ago, Carl's Collection said:


Thank you! Glad to be here!

I should have been more clear. The first day of issue PF70 have been going for $150+++  

Thank you for your reply!

No problem.....with those new parameters, I think I can answer your specific inquiry now.

Well, I think that price is based on the "fad factor".....these cents are some of the hot new things and some people need to have them right now, in PF 70 and with the little FDI label and they're willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money to get these things right now.  The price will drop, I have no doubt of it, once the "fad factor" wears off.

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Welcome to the forum.

Mohawk is right. People who collect for Registry points, or to have something before the rest of the community does, do not mind paying extra for their coins. And, there is nothing wrong with that approach, so if that is what you like, then go for it. Just don't expect those prices to remain high once the market becomes saturated and/or the newness wears off.

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